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Unleash the Power of Guerrilla Advertising: Hi Pages’ Controversial Campaign

When Hi Pages presented us with a raw idea that demanded activation, we knew we were embarking on a journey rooted in one essential element: research. Our team at Mr Glasses Agency took charge of transforming this concept into a highly controversial guerrilla advertising campaign that would leave a lasting impact.

Thorough Research as the Foundation: To ensure the success of the campaign, we delved deep into extensive research. This crucial step allowed us to understand the target audience, identify suitable locations, and curate a strategy that would resonate with viewers. Armed with this valuable knowledge, we began the process of bringing the campaign to life.

From Idea to Execution: At Mr Glasses, we pride ourselves on being a full-service agency capable of handling every aspect of a campaign. For Hi Pages’ guerrilla advertising endeavor, our team took on multiple roles. We wrote a compelling script, produced a high-quality production, directed the entire activation, and even filmed passersby the next morning, capturing their genuine reactions and conducting interviews.

Captivating Passersby and Making a Statement: The core objective of our guerrilla campaign was to capture the attention of the public and spark conversation. By strategically choosing locations and executing our vision, we created an immersive experience that disrupted the daily routines of passersby. The controversial nature of the campaign elicited strong emotions and invited dialogue, ensuring that Hi Pages’ message would not be easily forgotten.

A Controversial Triumph: Our guerrilla advertising campaign for Hi Pages proved to be a resounding success. The meticulously planned research, combined with our expertise in scriptwriting, production, and activation, generated a buzz that resonated far beyond the initial execution. By engaging with viewers and capturing their genuine reactions, we were able to create an authentic connection that further amplified the impact of the campaign.

Conclusion: At Mr Glasses Agency, we understand the power of guerrilla advertising and its ability to make a lasting impression. By diving into thorough research, strategically curating locations, and executing every aspect of the campaign, we brought Hi Pages’ raw idea to life in a controversial and thought-provoking manner. Witness the undeniable power of guerrilla advertising with Mr Glasses Agency, where we mastermind campaigns that challenge the norm and capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

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