How We Work

How We Work


Client: Roadshow Films / Warner Bros Ent

Unlock the Power of Guerrilla Advertising and Experiential Marketing with Mr Glasses

Once you’ve witnessed the immense power of experiential marketing and the thrill of guerrilla marketing stunts, you’ll be forever captivated. At Mr Glasses, our methods are refreshingly simple, yet incredibly effective. Our mission is to disrupt consumers’ daily routines in the most positive way possible, presenting them with unconventional and engaging brand interactions.

Our arsenal of experiential marketing tools is extensive, ranging from street media like captivating Street Posters, mesmerizing Hand Painted Murals, attention-grabbing Street Chalk Stencils, captivating Ground Decals, and innovative Peer-to-Peer sampling campaigns (Discover more on our services page HERE).

Picture this: the mesmerizing IT Movie Marketing campaign for Warner Bros, featuring Red Balloons tied to drains. It’s a stellar example of how we create awareness and stop people in their tracks with our remarkable Red Balloon installations.

At Mr Glasses, we boast a proven track record in executing impactful experiential marketing campaigns that ignite conversations and propel brand awareness through word-of-mouth and organic interactions. Our portfolio is adorned with dozens of compelling case studies and glowing testimonials.

Embrace the power of street posters and let Mr Glasses take your marketing efforts to new heights. Join us on an exhilarating journey where we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, leaving an indelible mark on your target audience. With Mr Glasses by your side, you’ll unlock the secrets to unforgettable brand engagement and organic growth.

Client: MARVEL

Client: VANS