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The Brief

Every 27 years Pennywise, aka “IT”, the child eating character from Stephan King’s novel resurfaces to terrorise the Town of Derry. 2017 marks the 27th anniversary, don’t you love it when screen time matches real time. When we were asked to submit our proposal for how we could promote the new IT movie, we jumped at the chance to get right into character.

Our pitch consisted of several ideas, some more edgier than others with the client setting the boundaries that restricted us from using imagery of Pennywise, the clown depicted in the movie. We did this beautifully in two ways


We thought if we can’t use him as the movie does, we’ll create our own versions of him. In turn we had street artists paint their interpretation of what Pennywise looked like on walls in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In each city, in prime locations for everyone to see and we make a video of the whole process……The outcome was phenomenal, the reach was exception, the client was ecstatic!
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Making the “IT” murals


We also pitched an ambient street marketing stunt using the iconic red balloons which are so prominent throughout the movie, coupled with the storm water drains. By floating the red balloons above storm water drains and subliminally allowing people’s imaginations and inquisitiveness to question what it’s all about, if the penny didn’t drop there and then it was only a matter of time until the tease revealed itself.


The campaign went viral globally, with a conservative reach of 6.5 mil in 24 hours. Images of the lone red balloons hovering above storm drains appeared across news media, radio and TV. Photographs from creeped-out pedestrians rapidly created a wave of social media impact along with an explanation of the link to the movie.