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Our services were required by Disney / Marvel to help promote and educate the Australian audience about the next evolution of super hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Ant-Man was slated to make his debut with the launch of his first feature film in July 2015. Before the release, Marvel was faced with the challenge of introducing Ant-Man to the Australian audience, not just as a super-hero but a Marvel super-hero. With a demanding box office target, the target audience comprised not just of comic book and super-hero fans, but also the general wider audience.


Ant-Man shrank in scale but increased in strength, this was the essence of our creative concept. We took advantage of the size of its superhero to create a three dimensional story to engage with movie fans. We strategized a way of creatively utilizing traditional Out of Home media and hybrid it with an offline content marketing plan to spur engagement with fans across social channels.


Starting with traditional blockbuster “Billboard” the most obvious and widely used medium for advertising new movie releases. We shrunk 200 Billboards to create mini billboards and placed them in key target locations and high foot traffic sites to achieve maximum awareness and excitement across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This spurred a ton of engagement with fans, which all clamored around to take photos and share across their social channels. On top of this, the images taken of the mini billboards in numerous locations were shared with press and media, which amplified awareness of the Ant-Man movie through their digital and social media channels.

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A local execution on a small scale became a global talking point overnight. It proved a viral success, with online articles and photographs being featured on Yahoo, Entertainment Weekly, Pedestrian, NY Daily, Time Magazine, IMDB, Reddit and Ad week. Following the success and response of the campaign in Australia, Marvel booked mini billboards globally. This all done on a budget of $22k, just proves the right idea executed effectively, no matter how ‘small’, has the potential to do big things.

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